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Awards Honoring Our Content

The Beeline
Received March 6, 1999
The Beeline Golden Hive Award

We found your site to bee of the highest caliber. It's review score has earned it our Golden Hive Award! Congratulations, not only did we find this reader-friendly site to serve an important purpose, bee easy to navigate, and highly attractive; but it scored to bee in the "top 1%" for its superb content, overall design, and excellent presentation. It is with the greatest of pleasures that we Bees bee-stow upon Internet Brothers: Helpware for the Cybercommunity our Golden Hive Award. It is Web sites such as this that inspire us to create truly great sites. Thank you for this tremendous contribution to the Internet! This Web site will bee inducted into The Beeline's Golden Hive of Fame.

Mic Miller - Publisher Beeline Publications

The Idiom Sisters
Received July 15, 2000
The Idiom Sisters Guidepost Award

I wanted you to know that I created a special category just for leaders like you. You stand far above most Webmasters, and hopefully this award is a way to show respect. Not reverence, just respect <g>!! Well, close to awe, anyway. Congratulations to both of you. We are honored to have you as our first Guidepost winners.

Judy Vorfeld - The Idiom Sisters

Golden Sphere
Received March 5, 1999
1999 Golden Sphere Award

We are pleased to award your site the Golden Sphere Award. Your site was full of very useful and informative content. The navigational tool made for an easy trip around the site and although the overall design lacked a little in aesthetics, all in all it was a topnotch site.

Christine - My Secret Garden

Nick's Cyber Notepad
Received January 17, 1999
Internet Select Best of the Best

I have always admired the works of both of you. I couldn't forget the first time that I saw your web pages. They were terrific in their entirety. You two are very nice examples to the Internet community. I would like to congratulate you more for your website's totally new look. Technology, creativity and talent are a very rare combination nowadays. You guys are certainly more than these. Well, I have to admit that you guys do take superb pictures. I salute you two, not only for being the best in the field, but for being able to share your knowledge with us on the web, and that makes you stand out among the rest. Congratulations! You're Internet Select's "Best of the Best."

Nick Pascua - Nick's Cyber Notepad

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