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Helpware and Community Award Criteria

The Helpware Pledge. "Each week you must help one person on the web who has less knowledge than you. Pick a newsgroup posting or an email each week and help that person even if you have to visit their site to find the best answer or do a little research and get back to them. Trust us, this will make you feel better, and will help a lot of people get their sites running better." — Jim Wilson

If you go out of your way to help others without asking anything in return, we will help you. Whatever your field of expertise, you are bound to know more about it than most. Share it freely whenever possible. You can combine commerce with helpware without giving away the farm.

Everyone was a net newbie at one time. How did we get better? Generally by observing those who came before. You will know when it's time to give something back. As stated in our introduction, we have a goal of doing our part to help everyone make the Internet a better place, and to leave a lasting legacy.

Subject or topic doesn't matter. Recipes, information catalogs, advice, tips, tricks and techniques. All have their place in this category. Show the world what you know and they will beat a path to your door.

Sound, functional interface. A primary key to any successful web site is the user interface. There are many fundamentally sound constructs of navigation and usability. If yours is creative and original you have what we're looking for.

Community. Effectively getting the word out about what you have to offer will enhance the web community. Link partnerships, forums and message boards, and newsletters are all effective ways to build this cottage industry. If no one knows you exist, they can't use your assistance. Promote yourself.

Remember this secret password. You will need it on your application. (saucy tomato)

Unlike many awards that score on some form of points system, Internet Brothers Presents is purely subjective. There are, however, certain tenets and principles of sound web development that we look for.

If you are interested, we've put together a series of suggested do's and don'ts we have learned over the years that may help you build a better site and improve your chances of winning one of our awards.

Submit your application.

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