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Wally Gross

     Thanks for always telling me I'm better than I really am and for providing a forum to express my views. If anyone has worked harder on the Net for a longer stretch, I'd like to meet them. Wally was putting smiles on faces before Microsoft discovered the Internet.

Don Chisholm

     These two guys, Wally and Don, are neighbors in the Toronto, Canada vicinity. Believe it or not, they are two webheads who are even older than me. Giving of himself to insure others have a more enjoyable web experience comes naturally to Don. His attitude and outlook is what I want to have when I grow up.

Jann J.

     It's odd thinking back how we met. Just three simple words: beautiful, compelling work. That really is what you get from Jann, plus a whole lot more. Her kindness of heart, exuberance of spirit, and positive attitude through thick and thin have kept me going more times than she will ever know. Just don't ask me her last name; that's our little secret.







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