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Electricity Online Logo - Copyright  1999 Electricity Online. All Rights Reserved. Electricity Online is a fun and interactive study of Electricity, its applications and history. It features many interactive experiments and visual demonstrations, as well as interactive areas for student and educator participation. According to its three teenage developers, Electricity Online has emerged from hundreds of hours of late-night chat sessions, research, brainstorming, and sudden flashes of creative genius (read: pure luck).

Internet Brothers 1999 Award of Distinction presented to Electricity OnlinePulling together a site from work done on three different continents involves considerable coordination, and the team dynamics of a group with such different personalities and work habits was extremely interesting.

This ThinkQuest '99 team consists of Alok Ladsariya, age 18, from Bombay, India; Maudie Hampden, age 15, from Orlando, Fl., USA; and Tim van den Hoff, age 18, from Hellevoetsluis, The Netherlands. By presenting electricity with the thoroughness of a traditional science text combined with the visual engagement of an electronic educational medium, the site allows student users to explore the topic of electricity with the unparalleled degree of interaction afforded by the internet.

The Flash intro is as good as anything being done today by professionals. The hierarchical navigation is exceptional; implemented even better than here at Internet Brothers. The graphics are superb, finely compressed, and add an excellent balance to the presentation. Then there is the content. A wonderful learning resource for future generations, Electricity Online should be an automatic bookmark for any science enthusiast. Don't miss it.

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About Electricity Online

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