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DHTML Mouse Trails

If you can cut n' paste and create six little gif graphics, you too can have this delightful DHTML effect from our friends at DynamicDrive on your web pages. It doesn't take long to put together and you will dazzle your friends with the fancy tricks you can do. As with any DHTML, you must have at least version 4 of the Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer browsers. Kinda reminds you of the 60s doesn't it?

First download the (1022 bytes) file from our anonymous FTP site. Use your favorite unzip utility to create the trails.js file, then simply cut and paste the code into the top of the <BODY> section of your pages, or execute it as an external script file.

Then use your favorite graphics editor to create six images to be used for the mouse trails. If you name them trail1.gif, trail2.gif, etc. then you won't need to modify the script code to access the files. Otherwise, pay close attention to the T1 array defined in line 3. In that array you will also notice the width and height attributes of the gif files. Adjust them to suit your needs.

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