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Dynamic HTML Dialog Widget

Netscape Communicator 4 only

chain links Before we get into the code, let's take a look at how some of these dialogs work. The first example, the links dialog, opens a dialog box with hyperlinks to other sections within this site. Click the image at left to open the dialog. While there are many better ways to do it, this dialog could be used for web site navigation.

color wheel The morph dialog can be used to change background colors of your page, tables, frames, any HTML tag that supports the bgcolor attribute. While not necessarily useful on production sites, this is a nice development tool for checking the look of your page in different color schema. Click the image at right to launch it. You may have noticed when you entered this page how it looks a little different from all the others you have encountered on the site. This one is not using the speckled background image just so this tip will demonstrate properly. If you are using a background graphic, it will take precedence over the bgcolor attribute. But, if you consider this for a moment, you will probably realize that you could also change background images on the fly.

The Dialog Widget is freely distributed by Netscape and may be downloaded by right clicking here, then choosing Save Link As . . . To learn more about the other functions available with the Dialog Widget visit the Netscape site.

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Helpful TipTo print a copy of an Internet Brothers tip or article, simply take a photograph of your computer screen, develop the film and have the photo enlarged to the font size of your choice.

The Internet Brothers have implemented hierarchical menus for navigation. Easier done than said. In our effort to be friendly to all browsers, the menu tree is functional with version 4 or greater of both the AOL/Netscape and Internet Explorer products.

As stated above, hovering over the button will open the menu for these browsers. But if you have an older product, don't fret, we'll send you to the scum page. Just click the button.

Why haven't you downloaded the newer versions? They're free you know.
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The hierarchical menus were created using Peter Belesis' Dynomat DHTML scripting tool from Webreference. Give them a visit, you'll like what you learn.

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