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Design and Artistry Award Criteria

Exceptional artistry, and we do mean exceptional. Not to be rude, but if you are using someone else's graphic art, perhaps you should submit their site. If it's your work, try to tell us something about your motivation in the application. We don't claim to be art critics, but anyone can tell the difference between classic and mundane.

Symmetry of visual elements. Most well-designed sites have a certain balance. An exciting combination of objects with appropriate use of "white space" helps make a web page flow from element to element.

Effective typography. Are the fonts you've chosen well suited to your presentation? Effective pages rarely use more than two different faces. If yours switches every paragraph, it likely loses appeal.

Sophistication, elegance, and detail. Not everyone is a Photoshop expert, but even beginners can produce elegant web art by paying attention to detail. If your design elements look like they were slapped together in five minutes, we'll be able to tell.

Sound, functional interface. A primary key to any successful web site is the user interface. There are many fundamentally sound constructs of navigation and usability. If yours is creative and original you have what we're looking for.

Visual appeal. Perhaps the most important criteria for this category, but also the most subjective. "Eye candy" may be overused, but it's what we want.

Remember this secret password. You will need it on your application. (saucy tomato)

Unlike many awards that score on some form of points system, Internet Brothers Presents is purely subjective. There are, however, certain tenets and principles of sound web development that we look for.

If you are interested, we've put together a series of suggested do's and don'ts we have learned over the years that may help you build a better site and improve your chances of winning one of our awards.

Submit your application.

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