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Information Technology Infrastructure Analyst



Keyword Summary 

20+ years of managing, installing, and troubleshooting computing systems. Systems Analysis. Systems Administrator. Systems Programmer. Systems Integrator. Performance Analysis. Capacity Planning. MICS. Software Engineering. Troubleshooting computing systems. Rexx. PL/1. SQL. HTML. Java. SAS. Windows. MS DOS. MVS. VM/CMS. OS/400. SSP. Unix. TCP/IP. VTAM. SNA. Beta Tester. Technical Trainer. DASD Manager. Technical Support Specialist. E-mail Integrator. Web Page Developer. 


To obtain a position that allows utilization of my skills as a Systems Administrator, Web  developer, and HTML programmer. Examples of my work can be found on Geocities and Earthlink


Technical Skills 

  • Programming: Rexx, PL/1, SQL, HTML, Java, SAS, Exec, CL. 
  • Programming Maintenance: Assembler, RPG, COBOL. 
  • Operating Systems: VM/CMS, MVS, OS/400, SSP, HP/UX, Windows, MS DOS, Macintosh System. 
  • Networking: TCP/IP, ACF/VTAM, SNA, Internet, Ethernet, Token Ring, X.25, X.400. SoftSwitch. 
  • Applications: Microsoft Office, Prolin, Rumba, Multiple Web Browsers, Microsoft Frontpage, Paint Shop Pro, Microsoft Image Composer and many others. 


Professional Experience 

Infrastructure Analyst 

Union Carbide Corporation, South Charleston, WV, 1993-Present 

Provide systems analysis, systems programming, systems administration, operating systems installation and maintenance, performance and capacity management, and technical planning for mainframe and midrange computing, and Intranet development as a member of the Information Technology Services Division of a world class chemical manufacturing company. 

  • Designed, developed, and launched a departmental Intranet containing hardware and software inventories, system performance reporting, computer operator procedures, Disaster Recovery procedures, and security administration facilities. 
  • Consolidated 7 AS/400 midrange systems saving the corporation $420,000 annually. Integrated systems from 6 states, constructed network configuration, and trained support personnel. 
  • Install and maintain Operating Systems for 2 IBM VM mainframes, 8 IBM AS/400 and 4 IBM System/36 midrange computers. Perform System Administration and security activities, performance measurement and tuning, and configuration and communications management for each. Provide technical support and troubleshooting to a user community 8000 strong. 
  • Managed and administered the corporate electronic mail network. Oversaw delivery of 35,000 messages average per day. Established e-mail interconnection with more than 40 external corporate partner companies. 
  • Installed virus protection on a network of thousands of PCs at corporate manufacturing facilities. Scanned disks for existing viruses and implemented software protection.

Systems Analyst/Programmer 

Union Carbide Corporation, South Charleston, WV, 1986-1993 

Provided systems analysis, systems programming, systems administration, operating systems installation and maintenance, performance and capacity management, and technical planning  for VM mainframe computing as a member of the corporate data center of a world class chemical manufacturing company. 

  • Consolidated three VM mainframe systems in two countries saving the corporation $740,000 annually. Merged office systems, DBMS's, and system support software. 
  • Created VM mainframe system Disaster Recovery procedures and perform hot site testing twice annually. 
  • Upgraded mainframe system CPUs and disk and tape storage and corresponding Operating Systems through many generations of product. 
  • Automated VM operations including tape and disk management, job scheduling, and system monitoring, saving the corporation $80,000 annually. 
  • Installed, maintained, and supported more than 50 VM mainframe Systems Software program products and suites, and upgraded through several versions. 


Technical Support Specialist 

Union Carbide Corporation, South Charleston, WV, 1978-1986 

Provided technical and user support, utility programming, security administration, DASD management, and technical training for MVS mainframe computing as a member of the corporate data center of a world class chemical manufacturing company. 

  • Programmed utility software to automate update, auditing, and archival of corporate software assets such as procedure, source, and executable libraries, eliminating storage rooms full of punched cards. 
  • Programmed conversion of all JCL on a MVS computer system from JES2 to JES3 format. 
  • Developed and instructed internal courses about MVS facilities including TSO/SPF, JCL, and system operation. 
  • Implemented the backup/recovery system for the corporate VM mainframe computer. 
  • Published a computer users bulletin. 

Operations Supervisor 

Union Carbide Corporation, South Charleston, WV, 1973-1978 

Supervised a staff of technicians operating Online Transaction Processing mainframe computing systems as a member of a regional data center of a world class chemical manufacturing company. 

  • Developed operational and recovery procedures for IMS and CICS master terminal operators. Reduced outage recovery by 75%. 
  • Consolidated the operation of a division Order Processing System with the corporate operation reducing staff requirements. 


Education and Training 

  • BEST/1 Performance Assurance for Distributed Systems; BMC Software
  • HP/UX Performance and Tuning; Hewlett Packard
  • HP/UX System Administration Basics; Hewlett Packard
  • Mastering Internet Development with Microsoft ActiveX Technologies; Microsoft 
  • Introduction to HP/UX; Hewlett Packard 
  • AS/400 Work Management and Tuning: IBM 
  • AS/400 Networking; IBM 
  • AS/400 Recovery and Availability Management; IBM Skill Dynamics 
  • AS/400 Security Concepts and Implementation; IBM Skill Dynamics 
  • AS/400 Implementation: System Module; IBM Skill Dynamics 
  • Installing and Tailoring Your VM/ESA Release 2 System; IBM Skill Dynamics 
  • VMSES/E for Installation and Service; IBM 
  • VM/ESA and VM/XA Measurement and Tuning; IBM 
  • VM/ESA Conversion from VM/SP or HPO; IBM 
  • Electronic Message Switching with X.400; SoftSwitch, Inc. 
  • VM Installation Workshop; Amdahl 
  • MICS System Administration; Legent 
  • MVS Internal Logic, System Design and Performance; Computer Systems Research 
  • ACF2 Training Class; SKK, Inc. 
  • SAS Programming; SAS Institute 
  • File Organizations and Access Methods; IBM 
  • MVS/JES2 System Control Statements; IBM 
  • Concepts of a Virtual Machine; IBM 
  • JES3 Operations; IBM 
  • VSAM and Access Method Services; IBM 
  • OS/JCL Coding; IBM 
  • TSO Overview; IBM 
  • PL/1 Optimizing Compiler Programming; IBM 
  • Structured Programming Workshop; IBM 
  • System Network Architecture; IBM 
  • MVS Concepts and Facilities; IBM 
  • IMS Concepts and Facilities; IBM 
  • IMS/VS Master Terminal Operations; IBM 
  • University of Richmond; 62 Liberal Arts credits 


Honors and Affiliations 

  • Recipient; Union Carbide Corporation Special Recognition Award 1992-1998 
  • Selected; Who's Who of American Business Leaders 1991 
  • Member; National Association of Systems Programmers 
  • Member; HTML Writer's Guild 
  • Member; Microsoft Developer Network 
  • Member; The Heritage Foundation