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Web Site Promotion Basics

Your masterpiece Web site is now online, the content is killer, the design is superb, it's the best on the Net. Prepared for a tidal wave of hungry visitors, you fantasize about snarling overloaded service providers. Mustering your renowned patience, you check your hit counter. In disbelief, you click reload to make sure the silly thing is working. Suppressing guilt, you reload a few more times to help it along.

Reality Check

Those who wait for the world to surf in will eventually give up, or die waiting. Your Internet efforts are only beginning with the launch of your perfect website. On the Net as in the traditional marketing world, if no one knows you exist they will not come to visit. Establishing a reputation takes as much effort in cyberspace as it does in real life. Strategies and techniques are different, but for both, it is an ongoing, evolving process. Here are some online promotion basics to get your Web site noticed and keep it visible.

Organize your Tools

Begin by constructing a promotional content folder. Prepare your advertising copy and collect resources. For accuracy, open this folder to cut and paste when you do site submissions and announcements. An incorrect URL can take longer to get changed than submitting a new one. You must get it right the first time. Put the following items in an easily accessible folder:

  • Site title
  • A longer descriptive title for name only listings
  • Key words -- by order of importance
  • Site descriptions in various lengths
        A paragraph, 50 words or less
        A few sentences, 25 words or less
        A one sentence description
  • Site URLs
  • Email address
  • Logos and banner URLs
        Make note of image size by pixels and K

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    Article inspired by Regina Garson, editor and publisher of Magic Stream Journal.


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