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To track the traffic to 1998 on the Web I am using two services, both free, that provide hit counters and visitor demographics. They are WebTracker by FXWeb and eXTReMe Tracking, a product of The Netherlands. At the bottom of each page of this site you will see the WebTracker counter, click it to see information about hits per day, the browser used, and operating system predominance. Click the eXTReMe electric globe to view statistics about referring pages, global locations, and host systems. If you have questions about other statistical data, click the e-mail icon below. The WebTracker counter was set to zero at midnight January 1, 1998.

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To be successful, any enterprise must market itself. Follow along with the ability of 1998 on the Web to attract and maintain an audience. In the Diary section of this site I will keep you updated on how it's going. Here I'll provide links to tools and services I have used to promote, and let you participate in tracking statistics.

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