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Dynamic HTML Basics with Dreamweaver

Dreamweaver from Macromedia, Inc. is one of the modern WYSIWYG HTML editors and Web page generators. Where it stands apart from the competition is in it's ability to generate Dynamic HTML scripting for the latest 4th generation Web browsers. With this tip I will demonstrate the DHTML PopUp Message feature with Dreamweaver. You must be using one of the 4.0 browsers to fully observe this demonstration.

Move your mouse pointer over the 1998 on the Web image to activate the PopUp message effect. Click OK on the PopUp to close.

To create this effect with Dreamweaver I started with the Insert Image function to place the 1998 on the Web graphic on the page. I then chose the Window Behaviors function in Dreamweaver to bring up a menu of image events. Ensuring I had the option for 4.0 browsers selected in the Behaviors window, I clicked the + button to add the event. From the drop-down options menu I selected onMouseOver as the event.

Moving to the Actions section of the Behaviors window, I again clicked the + button to add the action. From the drop-down menu I selected PopUp Message as the action. I saved the file and then tested the effect with the Preview in Browser function. It really was that simple.

Look for future tips here about other DHTML and scripting techniques like animation, page transitions, and timelines.

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